Monday, February 24, 2014

Why You Don’t Need Most Online Courses – By John Phanchalad

For 5 years I’ve sat idly aside and watched internet marketing miracle course after internet marketing miracle course launch.  I’d thought by now a watch dog of some sort or legislation would have been introduced to regulate this cowboy like industry but I was wrong.

Rogue internet marketers are still making promises of over night millions from push button systems which are getting further and further away from working.  Here’s the reality…

…5 Years ago there was hope that these kinds of systems would work.  Google’s algorithm was more friendly to exact match domain names and hadn’t hit hard against blog network sites.  This meant we could make google sniper sites and make money.

But this is no longer the case updates have killed this out completely and no longer can you make money this way.  Blog networks are pretty much like the black plague, exact match domains are no longer the golden key they used to be and Google’s algorithm searches through spam like never before.

…10 Years ago you could do a little research whack together a $100 ebook from some underpaid nurse in a weird health area and sell it people at $19 or $49 and bring home $40K to $100K a year.

It was easy because adwords on these keywords was like $0.10 per keyword and ranking on the keywords was literally as easy as putting the keyword in your title tag.

But this is no longer the case.  Adwords is 5 times more expensive, people don’t buy ebooks as much any more, they find ways of getting them for free and SEO as I said earlier is well, harder.

So what you need to realize is that there is no “instant riches” in the world of internet marketing.  The people who really ‘make it’ online make it from real businesses that take real investments in either time or money.  In most cases the investments are both time and money.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The 5 Elements That Must Be Present To Have A Good Website By John Phanchalad

JP Digtal Tech produces effective web designing as they focus on the important elements in making a website. These are the basic elements that they are focusing on whenever they create and improve a website.

1. Color Scheme

The design of your website should establish and follow a pleasing, effective color scheme. The design and color scheme should be accented from your logo and content images.

2. Consistent Theme

The layout always varies from page to page. If you are aiming to make your homepage to be more unique and eye-catching than the interior pages, you should consider the overall effect of the site's theme. Choose a theme that you think will be consisted whenever you want to improve a page and easy to think ideas for adding aesthetics but won’t change the theme to 360. Each page should feature relevant images and content to its respective topic.

3. Font Use

This focus on style of lettering. The two different types of font, serif and sans serif. Serif fonts is use for semi-structural emphasis on the ends of strokes, while sans-serifs are presented without additional end strokes. The two styles  can be paired and contrasted for effect.

4. Usability
This is very vital because users always seek for more convenient to use website. No wonder you and your team should have a brainstorming for designing and developing a follow up and site maintenance.

5. Clear Contact Information
Each website incorporates easy access of contact info whenever and wherever. For this page, the design, involving fonts should be simple and all information are there so you will not let your users guess about you.


Nothing beats simple concept. However, always think on how to make simple and creative design and you can make the present on the website.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Social Media Networks, The Places To Reach Clients and Prospects By John Phanchalad

John Phanchalad, the CEO of JP Digital Tech said that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the best place to reach out your customers, prospects and even target audience. However, due to numbers of users, including your competitors, getting the attention of your audience is not too easy because you need creativity.

Submitting tons of links on your website is not effective anymore and considered a bad practice as it violates the proper use of social media, especially, if you are just posting links without content, content is unrelated and poor. The result, you might not get the target audience that you want.

If you are aiming a successful online marketing strategy, the key here is to produce a quality content, rich in information. Sounds easy, but the next question here is, how? Have you ever answered the ‘how’ question? Maybe the minor questions have been answered but if you know the major questions, you might not know the secrets on how to get the attention of your target audience and convert them into sales.

If you need a help from an online expert like John Phanchalad, ask him and his team to help and guide you. Yes, producing a quality content is not easy like a magic because writing is all about creativity through written words. You have to work with it and gain knowledge in order to hit your target. Remember,  most successful businessmen can’t make it to the top without their mentors and partners. And of course, don’t forget their friends and customers.

John Phanchalad can be considered your friend in the business and your trusted partner. He can give you advice about online business and how  to stand out among the crowd by following the right ways of marketing and knowing what should be avoided like spamming.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Content Will Reign Online In 2014 By John Phanchalad

Since 2011, there are lots of SEO experts and online marketers predicted that quality content will reign in the future. And now, the prediction comes true  this year of 2014 in  the world of online. Actually, JohnPhanchalad also agrees with this idea due to the updates of Google.

Google updates are created to fight those people who practice black hat SEO and promote healthy competition in online with the proper communication through blogging and communicating in social media. They say SEO is dead because of the updates on Google. But that’s a hoax. The real reason why Google created updates because they encourage SEOs to practice white hat and maintain a good communication to the audience.

It is not enough to get backlinks only because social signals matter as it shows how good your website or content is and how people interact with your content marketing. Social signals can be the numbers of shares, ‘LIKE’ and Twitts. The more you  have these, it means you have a positive impact on your audience.

The quantity of writing is not actually enough if it is not quality. Yes, you have lots of articles posted on your blog and some are posted on such PR sites and article sites. But the problem now here is, you don’t get traffic. No traffic means no audience is interested to read your post.

It is advisable to create an interesting topic because people who are involved in online seek for information and entertaining content. So no matter how many articles you’ve posted, but they are not interesting in the eyes and mind, it is still difficult for you to get traffic and get organic links from your visitors. The only way to get the attention of your audience is, talk like a human not a robot. If you keep on talking about aggressive sales or same selling speech, anyone will get-off to you.

If you want to learn more about effective blogging and content marketing for online marketing, ask John Phanchalad

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Avoid the Usual Mistakes In Social Media By John Phanchalad

Indeed, today, social media is a powerful marketing tool for creating an image for your business and do viral marketing online. However, the old tradition has abused the power of SEO and social media as well, making your image goes negative. If social media used wrongly, this may have a negative impact on your business.

So what are the things that must be avoided

Infrequent posting – marketing using the social media platform will surely take time and effort. A once a week or twice a week posting is ineffective. It should be active every day. Or as much as possible, every hour, so you can socialize with people and give them updates.By posting inspirational quotes is a great help because it can be shared and might go viral.

Late Response – Nobody wants delayed response. Social media is a two-way medium, if your clients want to talk to you, answer them quickly, specially complaints, they will give your clients the impression that you are professional.

Having impersonal or automated response –  People in social media want to interact with “real” people, always remember that. If you respond to them using a scripted response, you will miss the opportunity to have a connection to your buyers.

Quality is what important not Quantity – most online entrepreneurs are crazy for bringing in more fans or followers. However, the most important is the quality of fans that you have, even if you have a bunch of followers and fans, if they are not your target market, all your efforts will be wasted.

Not listening to your customers, prospects, and overall audience – Most people considered social media as the best tools of communication. Regardless if your audience gives a negative comment or compliment, accept it and find a way to improve the wear area and how to continue or maintain the good points of your service.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Your Social Signal In 2014 By John Phanchalad

In 2014, social signals matter. Your audience feedback matters. So it means that ‘like’ a ‘retweet’ from social media users are the plus points to earn popularity. Every like, share, and tweets indicate the popularity of a post. For online businesses, social signals should be a prioritized.
According to JohnPhanchalad of JP Digital Tech, social signals are very powerful than traditional SEO tactics like the guest posting and link building.

The social signals are defined as the measurement on how effective your online marketing. If you are in online business over the past years and up to now, for sure, you know what Google wants, and this is to move away from ‘technical’ SEO. So this only means that Google wants to make their website a citation source or digital library. Not surprisingly, social signals will play a larger role in 2014.

Social signals also cover the Google+, the new a social media website created by Google and it’s gained the most SEO clout. John Phanchalad and JP Digital Tech are now looking forward for using G+ as part of social media marketing, and continue their aim to help online businesses by coaching and advising their clients when it comes to expanding their social media signals targeting for websites like Google+.

Speaking of social signals, don’t know what social signals are and what happened to search engine signals this year. To make the story short, the year 2014 for search engine signals will continue the gradual declining. There are proven studies show that most people discover new businesses through social media and connections from friends in Facebook and acquaintance in Twitter and G+.

So RIP to Search Engine Results Page?

Nope, search engine optimization will never die. The old SEO practice only died and not effective anymore, especially if it is a Black Hat SEO. Keep in mind that the most effective online marketing will focus more on content and how your audience respond to your content.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Things To Avoid In SEO and Online Marketing By John Phanchalad

Say goodbye to the old, black hat SEO technique. John Phanchalad also believes in the power of content whenever you do online marketing and SEO. It may sound easy to produce a good content. But actually it becomes complicated if you are required to put keywords in your content.

You can achieve your content marketing by making your own content and avoid things that will lead you to penalization of Google. So what are the things that should be avoided?

1. Avoid keyword stuffing
No one wants tons of keywords in content and even on a comment box or thread. Respect the readers and the admin. Don’t put lots of keywords which are linked to different urls of your website. It doesn’t look good.
2. Write original content
Stand out and make your own image by writing original content. Respect your sources by giving them credits. Mention their names or give the link to the original content.
3. Write compelling headlines for your articles
You are courting your readers, so you must give a good intro to let them read your article.
4. Use relevant and optimized images
Accept the fact that most people are more into visual when it comes to reading an article or just browsing. So an image and even video are the best tools to let them visit your blog page.
5. Write, share worthy content
Social media is the best place to promote your content.
6. Format your articles properly
Don’t let your readers go crazy in defining what do you want to point out.
7. Keep your articles updated
8. Use reliable data
9. Proofread your articles before publishing
There is no excuse for wrong grammar and misspelled words in content marketing.

10. Use meta descriptions to let the web spiders crawl your page.
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